Options Trading Courses

Aug 30, 2022 By Triston Martin

There are many reasons trading options are growing in popularity. They don't require much capital to trade options and are known to be more secure than stocks. Additionally, they can produce high-percentage returns. However, any experienced options trader will tell you that it takes patience, understanding, and the right training to earn money from options—the learning curve to understand the options market and develop strategies for trading that work is quite steep. The most effective courses guide you through what to do and how to help you build the self-confidence to trade often.

Simpler Trading

For every level of experience, Simpler Trading offers lessons, resources, and tools to assist traders in moving in their learning curve and increasing their understanding, which is why we have chosen it as the top overall trading program. One of the best sources is its premium video newsletter, which is packed with information, tutorials, and reviews on the previous day's trades. In addition, the 20 minutes of videos provide possible trades for the following day. As with the Trading Room, the videos are presented by an experienced trader who shares the charts' screens to describe their analysis process. It's all in addition to a huge collection of more than 80 videos that cover all aspects of trading, from basics to more sophisticated trading strategies.

Trading Room brings concepts to life through discussions via webinars led by an expert trader. Each day's session guides students through in-depth market analysis, using live-time technological analysis of their position. For $247 per month, the Gold package grants access to the top nightly video and archive of trading rooms and an online options trading forum, including live chat rooms and alerts for trading. Members are granted the ability to gain access to Option Dashboard. Options Dashboard provides suggestions for setups with high probability and accessibility to live trading from John and other experienced traders. All memberships come with an initial trial period of $7 and access to all the resources.


With a portion of the price of full-blown courses in options trading, it is possible to learn the basics of trading options before making a larger commitment. This is why we picked Udemy as the most effective options trading course for complete beginners. Udemy provides a variety of courses in options trading that cover the basics of advanced strategies for trading. The courses for beginners are suitable for people unfamiliar with options trading and who wish to advance their learning curve before taking the plunge into an extensive trading program. Of the more than dozen of beginner courses available on Udemy, the Options Trading Basics (3-Course Bundle) is one of the top-rated choices providing a comprehensive insight into the basics of trading options.

Bullish Bears

It appears that the Bullish Bears are on a mission to "democratize" options trading by providing top-quality courses and resources at prices everyone can manage to afford. For a one-time cost of $249 for membership, you will have access to an array of top-quality classes, an extremely active chatroom, a live-streamed market room, trade notifications, and other trading tools. This is why we picked the Bullish Bears as the best affordable option for an Options trading course. Established 2016 in 2016, the Bullish Bears may have a somewhat short history; however, they've been able to establish themselves on the market and have proven this by the over 90,000 users of the channel on YouTube.

Option Alpha

Alpha's free course is as great as they come for those who are new to trading options and would like to learn the most information possible at their own speed. You'll have access to 12 courses and hundreds of videos. A variety of options trading programs provide education for free; however, they're typically restricted. With Option Alpha, you can be sure that the courses are top-quality since it's run through Kirk Du Plessis, a former analyst at an investment bank and former banker.

Black Box Stocks

Since the beginning, Black Box has been all about value. They offer a free three-hour live webinar for training new members. In return, for only $99 per month, subscribers have access to educational training classes, a vibrant chat room led by top trading professionals, and an options scanner that provides the most up-to-date market information. You'll be hard-pressed to find a better deal for an options trading class.

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