Review of Southwest Performance Business Card

Jan 05, 2023 By Triston Martin

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Although premium airline cards (especially business versions) sometimes need help to compete with personal travel credit cards due to hefty annual fees and fewer incentives, the Southwest Performance Business Credit Card is unusually intriguing. The card's generous bonus-earning categories make it easy for company owners to raise extra rewards for the money they already spend.

New cardholders can obtain the coveted Southwest Companion Pass in a matter of months with the help of the card's welcome incentive and savvy spending. Want more TPG credit card information and tips? Join our daily email list here. I'd want to discuss the benefits and drawbacks of this business card.

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Compared to the Southwest Rapid Rewards Premier Business Credit Card, the Southwest Performance Business Card is a significant upgrade for frequent Southwest fliers due to its superior sign-up bonus, upgraded rewards structure, and enticing features. Although the card's annual price is more than the Premier version, anyone seeking A-List status or a Companion Pass will benefit greatly from having one.

Remember to be a small business owner to apply for the card. Chase is often more stringent than other banks when verifying the business ownership status of business credit card applications. This is true even if your company is a successful startup or side hustle and you need an office building or dozens of workers.

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If you open a new Southwest Rapid Rewards credit card today, you may get 80,000 extra points after spending $5,000 in the first three months. If you use TPG's valuation of Southwest points Still, there's room to grow this benefit even further. The wants to Get Away price from Oakland, California, to Honolulu is covered by the sign-up bonus for the Southwest Performance Business Card. Anthony Giustino/Getty Images )

To acquire the coveted Southwest Companion Pass, you can use the points you earn from your Southwest credit card, including any sign-up bonuses. Therefore, if you apply for the card right now and spend $5,000 in the first three months, you will earn at least 85,000 points. Requirements for a Companion Pass often include the following:

Obtaining 125,000 required points in a single calendar year

If you get a second Southwest credit card and use the bonus points to pay for a round-trip ticket for a friend or family member, they will receive the same benefit for about 16 months (through December 2023

Remember that the Chase 5/24 rule requires that your application for this card be denied if you have opened five or more credit cards from any bank (except most business cards) within the last 24 months. Southwest Performance Business starts do not count toward the 5/24 rule. Since it's a corporate card, it won't be reported to the credit bureaus.

After spending $1,000 in the first three months, cardholders of all three personal Southwest credit cards (the Southwest Rapid Rewards Priority Credit Card, the Southwest Rapid Rewards Premier Credit Card, and the Southwest Rapid Rewards Plus Credit Card) will receive 50,000 bonus points.

Advantages and advantages that are particularly noteworthy

While the $199 annual charge on the Southwest Performance Business Card may seem steep initially, the benefits are well worth if you plan to keep the card after the first year.

Up to four first-class (A1-A15) boarding passes per year will be reimbursed to you. Southwest does not allocate seats, but with Upgraded Boarding, you may guarantee that you get the seat of your choice at boarding (and have room in the overhead bins). Available upgrades to boarding status cannot be guaranteed. Starting in August 2022, premium boarding upgrades can be purchased wherever tickets are sold.

You will receive 9,000 bonus points on your account anniversary every year. If you continue to use your card beyond the first year, you'll earn rewards worth $135 annually. Southwest will issue a statement credit equal to the amount you paid for in-flight Wi-Fi service up to 365 times ($8 per use). That's right; Southwest will pay for an all-day in-flight Wi-Fi pass any day of the year you choose to use it.

Southwest does not charge a fee if you need to change your reservation, but you will be responsible for any price variation. Changing your flights is easy, even with an award ticket. There is no cost associated with cancelling your reservation. If you need to cancel your journey, you can get a refund on Business Select and Anytime fares.

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