Lemonade Homeowners Insurance

Jan 06, 2023 By Susan Kelly

Lemonade Insurance Company is a relative newcomer to the field of homeowner's insurance. The company entered the market in 2015 and provided fundamental coverage emphasizing accessibility and technology. Customers can seek a quotation, make changes to their policy, and submit a claim promptly using the user-friendly app that Lemonade provides. Additionally, artificial intelligence can process 30 percent of the claims immediately.

Purchasing homeowner's insurance is an essential endeavor that sometimes seems overwhelming. It takes time, patience, and study to protect your most precious item, which is the biggest investment you have ever made. The team of reviewers at This Old House has put up a comprehensive analysis of Lemonade homeowners insurance to assist you in determining whether or not the business provides the finest homeowners insurance to meet your requirements.


  • An intuitive smartphone application
  • Plans begin at $25 per month in certain cases
  • A little less than a third of all claims are dealt with immediately
  • Program for Donations to Charities


  • Not accessible countrywide
  • In some negative reviews, customers complain that getting in touch with actual customer support professionals is difficult


The monthly costs for a Lemonade home insurance policy start at $25. Your property's valuation, the neighborhood in which you reside, the size of your house, the coverage limits you pick, the insurance deductible you choose, and other considerations all play a role in determining the final cost you'll be responsible for paying.

Lemonade provides homeowners insurance by charging a flat rate, which covers expenses such as salaries, operating costs and replacing outdated technology. The company then reinsures the remaining amount as needed and donates to charity whatever amount is left over after accounting for expenses and reinsurance.

The Insurance Information Institute calculated that Lemonade's monthly premiums come to $60.75, which is less than the national average of $101 and represents a significant saving.

The home is insured for $350,000, personal property is insured for $175,000, loss of use is insured for $105,000, liability is insured for $300,000, and medical expenses for others are insured for $1,000 per person.


Because Lemonade offers one of the quickest quotation systems available on the market and uses AI technology to guide you through the process, signing up for a policy takes no more than one minute and ninety seconds.

You don't have to make any phone calls or contact agents or salespeople to get coverage via Lemonade, unlike other carriers that demand you to converse with a salesperson before enrolling in coverage.

How to File a Claim with Lemonade

The Lemonade Insurance app allows customers to submit a claim for coverage. Lemonade asserts that being paid might take as little as three minutes.

To make a claim, open the app and choose the "Claim" option. Then, film a short video in which you describe the damage and the circumstances surrounding it. Your claim will be evaluated by a computer program that uses artificial intelligence to analyze anti-fraud techniques. Your claim will be paid in a matter of seconds if it is quickly accepted. In such a case, the computer will forward your claim to a group of actual individuals to evaluate it further.

Customer Satisfaction Rating

The J.D. Power rating for Lemonade is 3.50 out of a possible 5. Although its score is not the greatest among the providers examined, it is not the lowest. This score indicates that the insurer delivers a level of customer service below average, irrespective of how it relates to the service offered by other carriers.

Customer Complaint Index

NAIC Customer Complaint 1.94 score was given to Lemonade, which is over twice as high as median national of 1.00. This indicates that Lemonade gets more customer complaints daily than other insurance firms.

Financial Stability Rating

AM Best rated the firm with a score of 3.50 out of 5, suggesting that the organization has an average level of financial stability. This indicates that Lemonade can satisfy most of the claims its policyholders submit.

What Kind of Online Tools Does Lemonade Offer Homeowners Insurance Customers?

Lemonade's customers can manage their accounts, pay their fees, and submit claims all through the company's website. They can use either the official Lemonade website or the mobile app. Both policy owners and non-owners have access to these tools and resources; however, customers who do not have an online account may have restricted access to certain of these services:

  • Online pricing quotations
  • Mobile app
  • Flexible payment options
  • Online bill payments
  • Online claims
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