Mayflower Moving: An Overview

Jan 06, 2023 By Susan Kelly

Long-distance relocations are something that Mayflower Transit, one of the biggest full-service moving companies in the country, can do, both inside the United States and overseas. It differentiates itself from other moving companies by covering a big geographic area, providing immediate online prices for moves that qualify, and providing a comprehensive list of additional services.


Because Mayflower is a full-service moving company, the costs associated with loading, offloading, logistics, and transportation are all included in the overall price. On the other hand, if you went with a firm that specializes in moving containers or pods, like U-Pack or PODS, the basic fee would include shipping and certain logistics, but it would not cover loading and unloading your belongings.

In addition to its own fleet of vehicles, Mayflower collaborates with a network of locally based moving firms independently owned and run. Additionally, it provides several supplementary services, such as cleaning and storage, via third parties. You have the option of reserving Mayflower for:

  • Long-distance moves: These are relocations inside the United States that take place across state boundaries.
  • International moves: It is capable of handling worldwide relocations in more than 150 countries.
  • Local and intrastate moves: These are movements of a relatively small distance, often occurring inside the same state.
  • Car transportation: You can have Mayflower deliver your vehicle to your new residence or one of its neighboring terminals.

How to Get a Quote

By filling out a short questionnaire on Mayflower's website, you may request a moving estimate for your upcoming relocation. The dates, the distance, and the magnitude of your relocation all affect the price in their unique ways. Many moving companies need to provide their customers with the ability to get a fast online price for particular moves. Regarding other moves, you may be required to make an appointment with an estimate to acquire a price beforehand. This meeting might include a virtual or in-person walk-through of your property. Before making a reservation, you should get estimates from several movers to evaluate their pricing and services.

What's Included In The Basic Price?

You will obtain basic moving pricing when you request quotations for relocation inside the United States. This pricing takes into account the following:

  • A personal move concierge who assists with the organizational aspects of your upcoming relocation.
  • Complete loading, transportation, and unloading of the cargo. After they have finished unloading, the movers will also put the furniture in whatever room you want. The business states that the services include dismantling and reassembling some products, such as conventional bed frames, and moving equipment like washing machines and refrigerators.
  • Coverage is known as "Full Value Protection," which, up to a certain amount, pays for certain losses and damages that occur during the transfer.

Professional full-service packing, Extra Value Protection, storage, and convenience services like cleaning and the disassembly and reassembly of personal computers, networks, and home theaters are offered at an additional fee. In certain cases, these extras are included in special bundles at a discounted price. The three cheapest total-priced bundles are as follows:

  • Since Mayflower takes credit cards as payment, if you decide to arrange a move with them, it can be an excellent chance to utilize a credit card with a lengthy 0% APR term or a substantial sign-up bonus. A term of 0% APR may provide you with more time to pay off the debt interest-free, and a significant sign-up bonus, which often requires you to hit particular spending criteria within the first few months, can be worth hundreds of dollars. Alternatively, if you require more spending power than you can qualify for on a credit card, a personal loan for moving fees might be an excellent option to pay if you are looking for an alternative payment method.

Loss and Damage Protection

Interstate moving firms are required to provide their customers with two different forms of loss and damage coverage: Full Value Protection, which provides higher coverage but often costs extra, and Released Value Protection, which covers relatively little but is typically included. Mayflower's standard policies include the Full Value Protection plan, the most comprehensive of these two alternatives.

The Full Value Protection plan will cover specific losses and damage up to a set price. This value is determined by the anticipated weight of the belongings you are moving. When you ship with Mayflower, you typically get $6 of coverage for every pound of your shipment. For instance, if you were moving an estimated ten thousand pounds, you would get sixty thousand dollars worth of coverage.

If you are moving things worth more than $100 per pound, you should note them on the High-Value Inventory Form that the business provides. This will allow you to be compensated for a greater sum if the items are lost or destroyed during the move. This is by the legal requirements imposed on this coverage.

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