Child Tax Credit Portal Now Allows You to Make Income Changes

Nov 10, 2023 By Triston Martin

The Child Tax Credit Portal is a tool that helps qualified households keep track of their monthly IRS payments. As a component of the American Rescue Plan, it was introduced in July 2021. It increased the amount of Child tax credit to give low and middle-class families extra financial assistance. Users can change their income information by the use of this portal. You can adjust your income details by using the child tax credit webpage for the 2021 tax year.

The Portal Allows to Make Income Changes

You can upgrade your income by using this portal for the 2021 tax year. It is very important because your adjusted gross (AGI) income determines how much you are eligible for child tax credit.

Using Portal to Update the Details

The IRS has not provided new information for adjusting dependents to avoid repaying unqualified funds. The Revenue Service plans to allow users to update their life circumstances. The IRS also plans to file taxes on users this year. This feature has not yet been available.

Why is that Feature Needed?

  • The IRS requires notification of adopted or newborn children to receive up to $3,600 in payment for the child.
  • Full custody of a child ensures the parent receives the child's tax credit. This is very important for domestic violence survivors because this portal allows them to update their marital status and location.
  • Ineligible individuals may need to repay the IRS during 2022 tax time. Opting out of advance payments can ensure the safe collection of child tax credit money.

What is the Income Feature Intended For?

There are many scenarios where you lose your earning opportunity due to losing your job. In some cases, you aren’t earning as much due to your income not up to the bare minimum needed to survive. Due to these situations, you may receive extra payments and support from the government.

You do have to remember here that this doesn’t make you entitled to more support if you already are getting the maximum amount. The majority of families receive monthly payments equal to half of their total CTC.

However, in some cases, if the paid amount isn’t able to support the families due to similar reasons, then you can apply for an increase in monthly payments. Just be sure to inform your agent of your situation and present proper documents when asked, especially why you are having financial difficulties.

Families Can Report Changes in Their Income

Only families who are already eligible can use the CTC UP for advance CTC payments based on last year's tax return. This is a service that allows qualified families to change their information and preferences for receiving the IRS's monthly payments.

The portal's ability to record changes in family income, which may have an impact on the credit's eligibility and amount, is one of its key characteristics.

Families must log in to the portal with their or IRS username to submit changes in income. The next step requires them to choose "Update your income" under "Manage Advance Payments" from the menu.

They will have to provide the number of eligible children they have as well as their estimated income for 2021. The portal will then show users how their modifications will impact their eligibility and credit limit.

Families can prevent getting too much or too little credit by reporting changes in their income. The IRS urges families to visit the portal often to maintain the accuracy of their data so that they are given the right amount of credit.

Uses of IRS tools

These tools are online programs that assist eligible families with payment management.

  • Families can change their bank account details and confirm their enrollment status through the Update Portal.
  • To receive the funds, households that usually do not submit taxes need to sign up for the program and request reimbursement for any missing stimulus checks.
  • By using it, families qualify for the child tax credit depending on their number of children and income.

Check the Eligibility Criteria For the Family

The child tax credit portal is a tool that allows eligible families to manage their payments and update child tax credit. To verify that your family is eligible for the portal, you need to see the following criteria:

  • If you spend more than half of the year in that home, which is in the United States.
  • If you are married and file a combined return with a spouse who has lived in the US for more than half of the year, then you are also eligible.
  • You earned under particular income limits. The income limits for 2021 for head of household filers are $112,500 and for married couples are $150,000, who are filing jointly. The income limit for a single filer is $75,000.
  • If your child is under 18 and has a proper social security number, they qualify.

You can use the portal to check your enrollment status, change your payment preference, or unenroll from advance payments by the use of these criteria.

Monthly Payment History

The Child Tax Credit portal allows you to review your payment records. If the IRS does not have your direct deposit data from a recent tax return, you can add it. The payment will delivered by mail. IRS has invalid bank account details. The families who get payments by mail need to give extra time for delivery.


The Child Tax Credit Portal was launched in July 2021 as part of the American Rescue Plan. It enables eligible families to manage their monthly payments from the IRS, update income information, and use the CTC UP for advance payments.

The portal also assists with payment management, enrollment status, and reimbursement for missing stimulus checks. Eligibility requirements include having a home in the US for over half a year.

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